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From Hope Street West (Oxford-Perth 26)

OPTIONS: You have the right of way. No other traffic should be moving!

Turn left onto Woodstock Street North to Shakespeare
(Turning left into the gas bar or any other movement is prohibited on a red light.)

Straight ahead on Hope Street East takes you to Punkeydoodles Corner and Hwy. 7&8 at New Hamburg, then to K-W

Turn right onto Maria Street, one way, to Museum, Memorial Hall, Arena and Medical Clinic

Turn right at island and right again takes you south on Woodstock Street and on to Woodstock
(Alternate: To avoid the downtown, turn right on County Road 34 just west of Tavistock to link up with Oxford Road 24 [formerly Hwy. 59] south to Woodstock)

DISCLAIMER: This page is for information purposes only. It does not claim to be the law nor a translation of the Highway Traffic Act. Signage may change without notice.

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