Crossroads in Time
A pictorial History of Tavistock (1890-1920) -The Lemp Studio Collection

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A project of the Rotary Club of Tavistock by William J. Gladding

Hardcover book with 192 pages including 220 black and white photographs of village life at the turn of the century.

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"The Rotary Club of Tavistock"

Raising the Rafters
A History of Hockey in Tavistock

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Compiled by R. Paul Bartlett
A three year labour of love, this book is a must for anyone who has played hockey in Tavistock since the first team took the ice in 1899. From the original arena called the Tobifore (2x4) to the new Tavistock and District Recreation Centre, this book covers nearly every event that took place, from ice and roller skating to figure skating and hockey. 184 pages.

Make cheque payable to "William Gladding."

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